About 6 years ago I wanted some hair removal from some areas on my face that made me very uncomfortable.  I was referred to Susan Star by a close relative.  I was very happy with the results I had.  After having my second child I decided I wanted to have some other areas worked on.  Susan is very professional, and makes you feel very comfortable.  Having unwanted hair in certain areas can be embarrassing, but Susan makes you feel at ease.  Her office is professional, clean and easy to get to.  I have been extremely happy with the results and have had no regrowth. Thanks to Susan I feel more confident about things that used to make me feel self-conscious about myself. I have been absolutely delighted with the results of my laser treatments.  My bikini line and lower legs are practically hair-free, and my upper legs have only some light fuzz.  Previous laser treatments by other practitioners on those areas were not effective, but I have seen dramatic hair loss after every treatment with Susan.  I can put on a bathing suit any time I feel like it — no more worries about shaving, waxing, or those awful red bumps.  And working with Susan is a pleasure — she is professional, personable, and flexible, and I enthusiastically recommend her for laser treatments, electrolysis, and waxing.

-Nancy S.


Electrolysis is permanent and is definitely an effective method of hair removal. It has helped build my self esteem by removing unwanted hair. I am very satisfied with this procedure and how it has cleared up my skin. The prices are reasonable as well.



Susan Star is very professional and caring in her craft.  She pays close attention to detail as well as the comfort of her clients.  I have always felt comfortable with Susan due to her abilities and her spotlessly clean office.  Susan is always very prompt in returning my phone calls to set up appointments and always finds room to squeeze me in.  She is aware of my busy schedule and understands how important it is for me to look and feel my best.  When I first thought about getting some waxing done, I thought it was going to cost an arm and a leg.  But Susan’s prices are perfect and right in line with my budget.  I have been a client of Susan’s for about 7 or 8 years now, and I cannot see myself going to anyone else.

-Joe M.


I am very happy with the results I have seen from electrolysis.  Susan Star transformed my short, and over tweezed eyebrows into the full eyebrows I was hoping for.  After a few months I noticed very minimal hair growth in that area. I also had my upper lip done and the results were even better!  I rarely have to touch them up.  Recently I have begun laser hair removal with Susan Star.  The areas I chose are the underarms and bikini.  I have noticed hair reduction in these areas as well.  I would recommend Susan Star for any of these treatments.  She is a professional and truly cares for her patients!

-Danielle M.


I am a client of Susan Star for both electrolysis and laser and have been completely satisfied with her services.  She has always been professional and offers a client-friendly atmosphere.  The wonderful results that I have achieved with her advice and expertise have benefited my sense of self-esteem and confidence. Her services have enabled me to simplify my busy schedule.



I am a 54 year old CHANGED woman thanks to the expertise of Susan. First of all – I had electrolysis done on my chin to remove the unwanted hair.  No more tweezing my chin! Second- Susan introduced me to Laser Hair Removal.  I did not know anything about it.  So I made an appointment for a consultation with Susan. She explained to me in detail about the procedure and what was involved {time, cost, what to expect, the final outcome}  Her professionalism, honesty, compassion sold me.  I  had  laser  hair removal on my underarms and my upper thigh-bikini area.  I LOVE the results!  My skin is smooth and clear.  No more shaving for me!